Letter to Members on MARS (Mutually Agreed Resignation Scheme)

Dear UNISON member,

On Monday 21st August the Council launched its Mutually Agreed Resignation Scheme (MARS) for staff.  To see the Councils MARS information about the scheme please follow this link from your BCC log on . Mutually Agreed Resignation Scheme (MARS) (sharepoint.com)

For months we have been requesting a copy of the legal settlement agreement staff will be asked to sign so that this could be shared with our lawyers, but so far they have refused to share it. We believe that senior officers have done this in an attempt to undermine your trade unions.  We are aware however, that if you write to the councils MARS email address and ask if the settlement agreement prevents you from taking an equal pay claim, the answer they give is yes.  The settlement agreement is also likely to affect any other claims you may have against the Council, but we cannot give full advice until we have a copy.

We are currently looking at the legality of the policy as we believe that it may indirectly discriminate against women with genuine equal pay claims…

Please click below to read the full letter from the Branch Secretaries:

MARS letter